Sewage Cleanup in Seattle

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clean-up-toilet-overflow-300x225Few accidents are more stressful than sewage backups, and it’s not just the smell and mess that make raw-sewage floods a headache. Bacteria, pathogens and other contaminants are serious risks to those living in the house. Additionally, the causes of sewage backups aren’t always easily noticeable, so the full extent of the problem is often a mystery until professional sewage-cleanup services arrive.

Professional Raw-Sewage Cleanup Services

Cleaning up raw sewage is not a DIY job

flood-damage-clean-up-300x199While many home- and business owners might admirably attempt to clean the mess themselves, the health risks and chances of spreading
contaminants are simply too great for untrained individuals to risk—even if the problem seems small. Here are some of the various toxins and contaminants present in raw sewage:

  • Bacteria such as E. coli
  • Pathogens and viruses
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Harmful microbial life forms and parasites
  • Urine and fecal matter
  • Fungal contaminants

Professional sewage cleanup involves a combination of strict sanitary protocols and specific equipment designed for the task of raw-sewage cleanup. Whether the backup was caused by a clog or pipe rupture, only professional services are equipped and experienced enough to effectively address the origin of the problem.

Causes of Raw-Sewage Backups and Floods

hazardous-materials-removal-200x300Raw-sewage floods, or Category III accidents, can result from a number of problems. Some of these issues are preventable while others are completely out of the home- or business owner’s control.

Improper disposal of certain materials, including grease, oil and large objects in sinks and toilets, is the most common causes for backups. Other sources include broken or misaligned pipes. Tree roots may be rupturing underground pipes. This is a particularly common occurrence—especially if the pipes are old, or comprise soft metals or clay. Heavy rains are another frequent cause of sewage backups as the overflow of water, along with tree branches, leaves and other debris, flood piping systems and create further problems.

Tips for Home- and Business Owners

Handling of raw sewage should always be left up to professionals; however, business- and homeowners are first to notice the accident. Until sewage-cleanup services arrive on the scene, certain steps should be taken. Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Try to limit any contact with raw sewage.
  • Call professional services immediately.
  • Purchase quality rubber boots, gloves, eye protection and breathing mask. Wear these only around the sewage spill.
  • If possible, drape plastic sheets over door frames leading to the sewage spill to cut down on airborne transmission.
  • Keep rooms and areas surrounding the sewage spill as clean as possible.
  • Consider, if possible, moving residents who are sick or suffer from health conditions until the site is clean.

Reducing contact with raw sewage and following these tips is critical. Unlike many other accidents, the risks and complications associated with a major sewage backup are too severe to take any chances.

Raw Sewage Cleanup in Seattle

Allied Restoration Company provides complete raw-sewage cleanup services to homes and businesses in Seattle. If your home or place of business has recently experienced a sewage clog, waste no time and call us immediately at 425-458-5756.

Our response team is trained, experienced and more than capable of handling both the cause and the aftermath of a raw-sewage flood. Every second counts when cleaning up raw sewage. Reduce the risk of major property damage and further contamination by contacting us today.